Frank Hanna’s International Cleaning Company has been cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, commercial flooring, tile floors, upholstery, drapes/curtains and more for around 40 years. In that time, Frank Hanna’s International Cleaning Company has established itself as the premier floor and upholstery cleaning service in the Hampton’s area and has become known for utmost professionalism in quality and expediency.

The best-trained floor cleaning technicians.

Our employees are highly-trained and experienced cleaning professionals.  On the day of your cleaning, our employees will arrive, prepared with all the cleaning products and equipment they’ll need. Remember, we don’t use sub-contractors. The cleaning professionals who will provide your service are employees that we have trained and work with on a daily basis throughout the Hamptons.

Carpet Cleaning

Nobody likes a dirty, musty carpet which is why people all over the Hamptons call Frank Hanna’s International Cleaning Company for their carpet cleaning needs.  No other carpet cleaning service in the Hamptons area uses machinery and products as good as ours or has the customer satisfaction that we have.

Professional Floor and Carpet Cleaning East Hampton NY

Wood Floor Cleaning

Frank Hanna’s International Cleaning Company fast became known in the Hamptons area for the quality of their carpet cleaning and quickly expanded into wood floor cleaning, using the same principles that made them successful in the carpet cleaning business; use the best products, the best machinery and the best trained people.  The result has been extraordinary and unexpected.  Frank Hanna’s International Cleaning Company then added wood floor buffing, waxing, and refinishing with the same great results.

Tile Cleaning

Kitchen floor1Tiled floors can be challenging to clean, but this is an area where Frank Hanna International Cleaning really shines, no pun intended.  One reason we have built a solid reputation for impressive tile floor cleaning is that we have the ideal machinery for optimally cleaning tile floors to give them that like new shine. We also have the best trained tile floor cleaning technicians in the business who inspect your tile floor before cleaning it to determine the best floor cleaning process for YOUR tile floor.


Upholstery Cleaning

There’s no point of having an impressive, professionally clean floor with dirty, musty upholstery.  With the best upholstery cleaning tools in the commercial business and the best trained cleaning technicians in the industry, Frank Hanna International Cleaning is the one to call to clean your upholstery.  You can rest assured that we will bring your upholstery back to good as new better than anyone else in the business.

We do not only provide professional cleaning for commercial and industrial settings, we also provide cleaning services for homes in East Hampton and surrounding areas. Our professional crew can handle all types of floors but we specialize on carpets, hardwood, tiled floors and upholstery. With a high-quality service and a skilled team, Frank Hanna International Cleaning is the company to call for all your floor cleaning needs