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Multi-Dimensional Shampoo Process

Frank Hanna's International Cleaning Co. utilizes a unique shampooing process to successfully attract any allergens, pollutants, dust, and mites. A detergent substance is

applied to your carpet using our heavy duty rotary brush.


We only use the best products and shampoos for your

carpet. Our specialized rotary brush converts the detergent into a foamy substance capable of collecting allergens and contaminants at the surface of the carpet for removal.  


Our foam and rotary brush technique helps us to avoid

over-wetting the carpet, and once it dries, we vacuum it up to eliminate all the pollutants in your carpet. We also specialize in carpet guards and deodorizers to keep your carpet cleaner, longer


A chemical solution is sometimes applied to speed up the drying process, and to enhance the color of your carpet.

Our chemicals are safe, and don't leave a sticky dirt-attracting residue - so you won't have to worry about your carpet becoming soiled right after cleaning.


Our specialized vacuum absorbs 95% of the moisture from your carpet. After cleaning it may be slightly damp, but is okay to walk on (without street shoes).


Once your carpet is fully dry, you'll notice the color has improved because of the safe optical brighteners we've

added in our solution. Our shampooing process is safe for oriental rugs as well.

We're your hassle-free carpet cleaning service provider that will take the time to assess your specific situation.


You can count on us to have your home back to normal in no time. We'll even put your furniture back in place.


Call today and one of our trained professionals will

come out to perform a

FREE consultation.


We'll also include warranty information in your FREE estimate after consultation.



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Specialize in different cleaning methods

Differences in steam cleaning and hot water extraction

Steam cleaning and the hot water extraction method allows us to eliminate stains, and remove dirt without damaging delicate carpet fibers. Each uses a different temperature of water and chemicals.


When steam cleaning, we actually use steam to pull the pollutants out of the carpet; its preferred use is geared toward synthetic carpet fibers. This method is not advised when dealing with stains, as water must reach boiling point, and may set stains instead of removing them.


Hot water extraction works to clean the natural fibers

of carpet without shrinkage, leaving the carpet completely

clean - without any leaving any residue behind.

This method is very successful in removing stains, dirt, and

other allergens.


Quick, hassle-free service

We consistently provide 100% satisfaction with our high-quality carpet cleaning service. Our various methods of carpet cleaning will leave you with clean carpets in no time.


Dangers of DIY carpet cleaning

It can be tempting to rent carpet cleaners or buy extractors and steamers to use at home. However inexperience,

coupled with subpar equipment, can lead to soaking your carpet with detergents. Due to inadequate ventilation, this can become a breeding ground for mold.

We're your #1 carpet cleaning company for residential and

commercial applications

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